Legal Services

My practice has centered primarily around three sets of clients, recognizing that each has their particular needs:

  • The sophisticated business person in need of strategic advice or in need of being shepherded through complex transactions and agreements.  In this capacity I have served as general counsel several times for clients who have financed operations through multi-million dollar California Pollution Control Authority bond issues, the review of multiple municipal solid waste contracts, construction contracts, contracts for the purchase and sale of businesses or business assets, and I have drafted local legislation relating to solid waste refuse and recycling issues.

  • New businesses that need assistance with entity formation and ongoing corporate maintenance as well as a wide variety of contractual drafting and review, including the review and drafting of commercial leases, purchase and sale agreements, employment contracts, designing and carrying out corporate restructuring, trademark registration and WMBE certification (including successful challenges to the denial of WMBE certification.)  I also take selected litigation/ arbitration cases in these areas, including appellate practice.

  • Lawyers who need assistance in getting the work product out the door.  Whether it is a litigation matter or putting a deal together, I can offer special contract rates to lawyers who are not yet ready to hire (possibly another) associate, keeping your time and talent available for other matters and keeping your costs to a manageable and profitable level. 

If I do not believe that I can assist you with your issue, I have multiple resources available to get you connected with just the right lawyer for your matter.  

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